Texas A Place to Call Home : Grayson County homes for sale with a Garage

Grayson County homes for sale with a Garage

 Grayson County homes for sale with a Garage 

The parking space we call the garage can be one of several things, a spot we part our car or it can be as it is for me that is for sure a place to that clutter seems to build up. Oh yes clutter the word we all really do not like to talk about much although it is there. When you are considering placing your house on the market, it is going to be competing with other homes. The market is strong and everything you do to make your property stand out will make a difference. The garage can be one place to stand out.

We have gathered a few ideas to help you set your garage apart from others and make it a selling point. Smiles to all that have clutter as I do. Ugh right clutter…


Depending on how large your garage space is there are several cool ideas so let’s get started talking about them.

Overhead storage… is a great idea especially if your space is smaller.

A place to up all of your tools by using a Pegboard can be a great space saver as well. Adding hooks to hang items helps in the organization aspect of your garage. Make sure it is attached to the wall well to ensure that mishaps do not occur. Ugh right … finding the studs in the wall tap tap tap to find them is the old fashion way of doing this. There are tools now that help you find them. Which if you have is super easy to use and no tapping involved.

If there is the space you can use shelving units which you can find at home depot or maybe the local Big Lots. The amount of funds one has will depend on the style of shelving units one will want to consider. There all kinds of ideas on this one to think about.

Upgrading your garage flooring

 What type of garage floor has made you think WOW that is awesome? Have you seen the flooring types that are in commercial garages, they are more than likely and Epoxy finish that you are thinking this is the WOW.  This type of flooring is amazing upgrade, but might not be as cost effective as one might really want. There are several options that one might think of such as painting the floor with a high grade paint for floors. Either way a clean finish gives the space a high end appearance. The functionality of the flooring type is important.




Creating a space that is friendly to the entire gang can be a positive note from many potential home buyers. If you took the extra step to use the epoxy we spoke about earlier you can use this as an extra special point… a huge safety factor for those that want this to be the hang out for the entire gang. I have seen this done in several garages one can open the garage door and there is a DYI that allows you to slide down a screen style door. Way cool to me. Gives the outside feel in the safety of the garage.  There are several options you can consider if making this an extra space for the gang, such as setting up tables  for games, TV space etc. So much one can do with this one. Check out Pinterest  

 Grayson County homes for sale with a garage

First impressions…

What is the first impression a potential buyer is seeing. Curb appeal is one of them but the appeal that they see on the internet is huge these days. One item that potential buyers are saying is this ….. Wait a minute the photos do not look like what I am seeing here is this the same house….. Yes this is something we are hearing. Dressing your house up and giving it the appeal that a potential buyer wants is very important. And just as important is the photos that are taken to be placed on the internet. Will a potential buyer say wow this is just as nice as the photos showed it to be. Really the first impression is not the drive up appeal any longer. Before a potential buyer takes the time to get in the car and tour the area, they are looking at your home online. It is of utmost importance that the photos you show online which is now the first impression is really what they will see when they arrive at your house.

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Giving your garage the spruce up with a few DIY projects can give your house the boost and a cool selling point.  We offer a room by room review to discuss what would you’re your home stand out in the room. What can we do for you today?




 Grayson County homes for sale with a Garage 


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Nice way to add some punch to your homes with a garage report. I like a neat garage - it's a matter of feeling organized. Bernie, on the other hand, doesn't mind a bit of disarray. Ha. 

Posted by Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA (ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors) 5 months ago

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