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How many acres for Ag Exemption Grayson County TX ?

How Many Acres for Ag Exemption in Grayson County Tx? 

This is a question we get asked a lot. How many acres does it take to have the tax advantage in Grayson County Texas? The answer is at least 10 acres that are used for the purpose of Agriculture depending on what your plans are. So if you have only ten acres of ground and it is used for agricultural items and you build a home on it you will no longer have a full ten acres of ground you will only have 9 acres which will not qualify for AG. It is highly suggested to have at least 11 acres of ground to maintain the exemption.

As per Grayson County this is what is stated

The land must be a substantial tract of land. Substantial means an identifiable tract of land of adequate size to support a typically, prudent agricultural operation. Effective January 1, 2005 the Agricultural Advisory Board of Grayson County determined and approved by resolution that a fair and reasonable estimate of minimum use acreage for agricultural valuation must be of adequate size to be economically feasible to farm or ranch and should be in the amount of at least 10.00 acres excluding land used for purposes other than agricultural (example: home-site land). Additionally, it will be necessary to provide substantial evidence of use, such as described below. If you own a substantial tract of land, sell part and retain less than 10.00 acres the above will also apply. If you purchased your property after January 1, 2005 and your tract is less than 10.00 acres, the above will also apply. ****Please be aware that there is no provision to extend the agricultural appraisal to a tract less than 10 usable acres to a new owner (NO “grandfather clause”)

This is where as a Real Estate Broker/Agent we are here to help you find a parcel of ground that already has the Ag Exemption on it. There are several items that you can do to keep the exemption, which is highly desirable as it will lower your taxation a fair amount.

Here are a few items that will allow you to keep the Ag Exemption Please note that these are not all that are available and you must talk to Grayson County to get the exact way to keep the exemption and how to file for it.

There are rules and they must be followed. 

Beef, Cow Calve Operation, Stock Feeder

Sheep/Goats Can provide two by-products, wool and meat


Horses Horse breeding, raising and being sold to the public qualify for agricultural use. Horses stabled and/or used strictly for pets or recreational purposes do not qualify for agricultural use.


 Beekeeping shall qualify for agricultural use productivity valuation if used for pollination for the production of human food or other tangible products that have a commercial value.

These are just a few items that can help you maintain the Ag Exemption.

Again please contact Grayson County for the complete details on how to keep and maintain the exemption. 903-893-9673

We have set up a search for you to get started


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Have a blessed day.

How many acres for Ag Exemption Grayson County TX



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